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[Other]: A is for Apples

A. Age:
B. Bed size:
C. Chore you hate:
D. Day:
E. Essential start to your day:
F. Favourite colour:
G. Gold or Silver:
H. Height:
I. Instruments:
J. Job title:
K. Kids:
L. Live:
M. Mum’s name:
N. Nicknames:
O. Overnight hospital stays:
Q. Quote from a movie:
R. Right or left handed:
S. Siblings:
T. Time you wake up:
U. Underwear:
V. Vegetables you dislike:
W. What makes you run late:
X. X-Rays you’ve had:
Y. Yummy food you make:
Z. Zoo:
Tags: meme: other
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