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Rules + How To Post


Hey there! So glad you could be here. Welcome to memeseveriwhere, a community run by Jubilee and my lovely mods, that is dedicated just to memes! :D I created this community because I realized various people on LiveJournal absolutely adore memes, but have no place to find new or old ones. Quite sad. D:> I thought, "Hmm, there really does need to be an active community for memes..." and voila! This community was born! Here you will find various kinds of memes for you to enjoy and spam in your journal. Come on in, check 'em out, and use them if you please! Only members can post new memes they find however, so make sure to join if you want to have a long lasting relationship with this place okay? ;3


☆ ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM. If you wish to advertise your community or become an affiliate, please do send me a PM at my personal journal calavasas
☆ Play nice. I cannot stress this enough.
☆ No memes that aren't worksafe. I am trying to keep this place decent.
☆ Do not post a meme that has already been posted for public use please. I have created tags to help you search through the entries faster.
☆ Please refrain from creating tags yourself. Only mods are allowed to do this. Use the ones we create. They're there for a reason.
☆ If your meme is long, please put it under an LJ cut. And if it requires special coding, like bold, italics, certain colors, etc. please place the code in a text box. You can make one by typing "textarea" in the first bracket, and "/textarea" in the second bracket.
☆ Not a rule, but have fun! :D

How To Post;

1. You find a meme somewhere.
2. Post an entry in this community using the "Post" button on the profile page.
3. In the subject line for the entry, please title it: [Category goes here]: Title of Meme. An example would be: [30 Days]: In Great Detail
4. Submit the entry for the community members to use in their own journal! :D
5. Enjoy the meme!

You can of course comment on the post a community member makes like, "Oh wow nice find!" or "I'm so doing this meme." Posters always like to get comments you know, so it would be nice to give compliments if you feel like it. c:

Please be aware that you do not post your meme responses on the entry made by a community member. Let's say you want to answer a drabble meme somebody put up here on the community. You do not reply to it with your own answers in the comments. Please do that in your own journal.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment on this entry and I or a mod will answer them to the best of our ability.

Types Of Memes;

There is a tag for each of the memes listed below.

◆ 30 Days: This is for memes that would take thirty days to answer. You'd answer a question every day for a month. This category is also for any-length-day memes.

◆ Drabble/Fanfic: This is for memes that require to write a drabble or a fanfic requested by friends commenting in your journal.

◆ Fandom: Anything that has to deal with a fandom, whether it's movies, anime, TV shows, books, video games, etc. use this tag.

◆ Friends: Everybody's favorite - friending memes! :D We have had a few posted before already. c: You can make your own friending meme of whatever, but make sure to run it by a mod FIRST before you post it. Only one friending meme per month for each fandom/topic/etc. If we catch that there is more than one of the same fandom/topic/etc. it will be deleted.

◆ Frivolous: These are for memes where you can in fact comment on the entry. This tag is used for memes such as the What Am I Hiding In My Closet meme or the Theme Song of Your Life meme. These types of memes are generally very fun to answer to, so don't be afraid to post one!

◆ Icons: Any meme having to do with your userpics, better known as icons. This is not a place to post icons you made. Please do that in graphic communities, in your own journal, or a community that pertains to the theme of your icon set(s).

◆ Info: These are for forms, like ones new friends on your flist fill out in your intro post or any other post you want to place it in your journal.

◆ Questionnaire: Any memes dealing with asking random questions about whatever topic.

◆ Quiz: If you find a quiz you think is interesting, tag it with this category. But make sure the quiz is appropriate for all ages!

◆ Voice: As if the tag itself wasn't self-explanatory enough, post any voice memes you happen to find using this tag.

◆ Other: If you're not sure what to tag your post, just put it under this one and the mods or myself will determine where it should go, or if it should stay there, okay? c:

There will be more tags in the future, such as one for each fandom that happens to be in here since this category tends to be pretty broad. You can also have more than one tag for your entry.

Remember, if you have any questions or are confused about something, comment on this entry or send one of the mods or myself a PM. We'd be glad to help!

All in all, have fun! :D
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