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M e m e s

Memes Everywhere!

Like a boss on a boat over 9,000 tons.
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A community for all your meme needs.
Memes Everiwhere.

Hello there! Welcome to Memes Everiwhere, the place for your meme needs! Here you'll find various memes for you to use and enjoy in your journal. Anybody can join the community, and members can post memes they happen to find. So come on in, browse, and enjoy yourself here! We don't bite! Honest! ;3

Things to note:
◇ Read the rules before joining. You can read them here so make sure to do this!
◇ If we find you are demonstrating inappropriate behavior, you get one warning. After that, you are banned from the community, no questions asked.
◇ We'd love to have some affiliates, so go ahead and ask if you can become one! :D

The Mods
Jubilee: {calavasas} Creator of the community. She's an optimistic and friendly individual who loves anime like woah. Has a short temper but is fairly easy to get along with. Loves spamming her journal with random stuff and memes. Her favorite animals are bunnies and she adores Italian food, cute things, pirates, accents and redheads.

Yasmin: {gohstar} She's a lulzy person who enjoys anime and whores over Kpop like no tomorrow. Likes spamming in general and also enjoys scaring people. She really loves her friends and scaring them on occasion is her way of showing affection.

Kioko: {souslelys} A rather enthusiastic character who's quite easy to talk to. In addition to anime, she loves languages, dancing and enjoys physics. A hard-core fan of Canada (Hetalia character or otherwise). Considers memes as possibly the greatest invention since microwave popcorn.

Koondy: {koondy} Koondy is a simple quiet girl but once you get to know her, she can be talkative and friendly. She enjoys anime and manga. Drawing is one of her favorite hobbies. She thinks meme's are fun and hilarious.

Stella: {3rd_robin} A quiet, but passionate, bookworm who loves chatting and having fun. She loves anime and video games and will go into extreme fangasms at times. Proceed with caution.